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August 2013 Archives

3D printing businesses targeted by legal challenges

The promising technology of 3D printing seems poised to revolutionize manufacturing, but not before the businesses at the forefront of the industry successfully survive a growing number of legal hurdles. Specifically, a number of small firms capitalizing on the increasing availability of consumer-oriented 3D printers have been served with cease-and-desist letters and threats of commercial litigation from larger companies over accusations of copyright infringement and other similar offenses.

Michigan startup capitalizes on burgeoning 3D printing market

A new Michigan business has introduced a new product that could help revolutionize the firearms industry, joining the nationwide debate over the controversial new technology of 3D gun printing. The Grand Rapids-based Sintercore created a device it calls the Auxetik, which sits on the barrel of a commonly-used semiautomatic rifle to reduce recoil. The Auxetik could be of immeasurable use to police officers and private gun owners, but has largely attracted attention for another reason: The Auxetik is produced by 3D printing rather than mold casting or machining.

Product infringement costs Zimmer Holdings Inc. $228 million

Product infringement can be costly as Zimmer Holdings Inc. is finding out. Both Zimmer Holdings Inc. and Stryker Corporation manufacture orthopedic surgical instruments, such as irrigation tools and suction tubes. In 2010, Stryker accused Zimmer of infringing on their patents with Zimmer's line of Pulsavac Plus lavage devices.

Michigan ad firm announces merger, rebranding

Michigan's Hanon McKendry, a public relations and advertising company, recently announced that it will merge with an out-of-state firm called The CSK Group, adding that the combined company will be adopting the new name of DoMoreGood. The moniker comes from a website and book-in-progress from one of Hanon McKendry's co-founders, both of which promote the idea of "purpose-driven" marketing and adverting that promotes charitable and altruistic goals. The leaders of both companies say the merger will allow the companies to make optimal use of their combined reputations for building clients' brand identities and positive public images.

Manufacturers of Instant Krazy Glue face products lawsuit

Elmers Products, the manufacturers of Instant Krazy Glue, are facing a consumer product liability lawsuit in federal court in Detroit, Michigan. The two plaintiffs argue that they were mislead by the company's ads and promotions into thinking that the product was good for bonding wood.

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