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May 2012 Archives

Shareholder files class-action suit against Michigan company

A shareholder in a Michigan color products business has filed a class-action lawsuit aimed at stopping the company's sale. The lawsuit alleges that the company's board of directors and executives would gain financial benefits from the sale not available to most shareholders.

New venture, a dream for start-ups

One of the biggest roadblocks in launching a successful business start-up can be raising the appropriate amount of money to keep initiating and sustaining operations. You could have the best business formation and planning attorneys on your side, putting you on the right path, but at the end of the day, if you do not have the money to execute your plan, it is difficult to put your plan into action.

Start-ups get sentimental with old brands

Many men and women who have launched their own business start-up are contributing to a new trend that has resurrected nostalgic brands all while contributing to their bottom line. Rather than opting to create their own trademarks and brand -- which can be a very costly route -- they are bringing back old, abandoned trademarks and breathing new life into them.

Litigation threatens Michigan casino

Even though the Gun Lake Casino, located in Wayland Township, Michigan, has been open since February of 2011, complex litigation is threatening to shut it down already. Now, high court judges must try to determine whether the opposing party has a legitimate case, specially after he waited so long to act against the casino.

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