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January 2013 Archives

Michigan McDonald's to pay $700K over false advertisement claims

McDonald's will settle a lawsuit claiming that one of its Michigan franchises wrongfully advertised its food as halal by paying $700,000 members of a local Muslim community. The Dearborn-based franchise reportedly told customers its chicken had been prepared according to Islamic dietary law. Dearborn is home to the U.S.'s only two McDonald's that sell halal products, as it is home to one of the nation's largest Muslim communities. However, the plaintiff and his attorney found that one of the franchises sold non-halal chicken when they ran out of halal food, failing to inform customers of the switch.

Michigan bank settles discrimination accusation

A Michigan bank will invest $165,000 in Saginaw and open a loan office there in order to settle accusations that it engaged in discriminatory practices by failing to properly serve African American neighborhoods. The Justice Department had accused of Community State Bank of racial discrimination, arguing that the bank violated Fair Housing rules by failing to serve the credit needs of predominately African-American areas to the extent it did for neighborhoods with a majority of white residents during a period ranging from 2006 to 2009.  While Community State Bank never acknowledged having engaged in discrimination, it agreed to settle the State Department's allegation by resolving to make significant investments in majority African American neighborhoods in the Saginaw area. The bank never faced any legal findings or lawsuits, though the settlement must still be approved by a court.

Michigan law students help fledgling businesses

Universities and colleges have long been known for their ability to incubate amazing ideas that eventually become successful business ventures. A new initiative at the University of Michigan is allowing some faculty and students to receive additional support while they look to start their own companies.

Judge delivers temporary ruling in favor of Domino's founder

The recently passed Affordable Care Act requires companies to provide reproductive health services and contraception to their employees. The act excludes religious bodies, like the Catholic Church, from this requirement, but does not specify whether ostensibly secular companies run by religious individuals should have to provide contraception when it violates their religious laws.

Detroit company receives $2.3 billion buyout bid

Software firm Compuware has reportedly begun considering a potential buyout from Elliott Management Group, which submitted a bid of $2.3 billion for the Detroit, Michigan based company. Elliott already holds an 8 percent stake in Compuware but hopes to acquire complete control in the company. Representatives with Elliott said it hopes to improve Compuware's rate of growth, profit and general business practices, arguing that the business has "meaningfully underperformed" in those areas. Elliott has offered $11 per share.

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