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December 2013 Archives

Bank moves to make anti-discrimination changes

Auto loan borrowers can face a number of challenges when seeking funding for the vehicles they want to buy. One of those challenges is navigating all of the paperwork and making sure that forms are filled out correctly. Another is making sure that eligibility requirements are met so that the processing of loan applications can be done expediently. One thing that everyone can agree to is that discriminatory practices should not be a part of the process, though they were alleged to be in a recent business litigation case.

Debtors, judge approve ReCellular acquisition plan

Just weeks after entering into receivership, the Michigan-based company ReCellular has been sold to ReCellular Acquisition. Official reports show that the acquisition was completed by a Delaware corporation, but it appears that the parent company is located in Texas. ReCellula Acquisition was able to beat out other competitors on Dec. 12 in an auction for rights to ReCellular. That company was auctioned off after it faced debt problems from a wide variety of creditors.

Kidpreneur brings business start-up skills to Detroit kids

It's never too early to start giving kids the tools they will need to be the American entrepreneurs of the future. That's the philosophy behind a business called Kidpreneur. The company offers classes in technology and entrepreneurship to students from 9 to 13 years of age. Now it's coming to Detroit.

Rising speculation over computer company buy-out

Michigan's largest computer tech firm, Compuware, could not be reached for comment following recent rumors that it is about to be bought out by several private-equity companies. Earlier this year, the company board turned down a cash offer of $2.3 billion from a hedge fund based out of New York. The offer was not solicited but originated from one of its more substantial shareholders.

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