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Sister Pie bakery wins 2014 Hatch Detroit start-up contest

You never know what the next successful Detroit start-up business will be. Hatch Detroit seeks, according to its website, to "champion and support independent retail businesses in Detroit through funding, exposure and mentoring." It is sponsored by Comerica Bank; this year was also co-sponsored by the Detroit Lions.

Compatibility of offices during a contract dispute in Michigan

More information, in the form of an opinion, was requested in Michigan about the role that two offices have when held by the same person, specifically addressing whether or not incompatibility would be an issue. In the question, the offices mentioned were that of the president for a district of the local community college and that of a board of education member for a school district.

1972 guidelines show how mergers must proceed in Michigan

Guidelines that were laid down back in 1972 show how businesses and corporations must proceed if they want to be involved in a merger in Michigan. It is crucial for business owners to understand some of the key points before they even consider a merger so that they do not make any mistakes that could slow the process down or even make it impossible to proceed.

Business owners and Health Department policies in Detroit

It is very important for business owners in Detroit to know about the city and state laws that govern health and sanitation. It can be necessary to look at these regulations during the business formation stages, and they can also be referenced if facing business litigation based on alleged violations of these laws.

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