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Business owners and Health Department policies in Detroit

It is very important for business owners in Detroit to know about the city and state laws that govern health and sanitation. It can be necessary to look at these regulations during the business formation stages, and they can also be referenced if facing business litigation based on alleged violations of these laws.

For one thing, there are fees that must be paid to the health department before a business owner will be allowed to get the permits and certifications that are needed to open a new business for public use. In fact, there are some fees that must be addressed before official registration of said business can be completed. The health department also reserves the right to ask for any other steps that they deem necessary before the company can be allowed to begin functioning in the city, and these could vary from one business to the next, depending on the specific situation.

When considering the fees, they could relate to things like laboratory tests that must be carried out or environmental inspections that will ensure that the business is not going to harm the local environment with its practices. The health department has the power to decide what is needed and to set the fees. Moreover, it has the power to set up a schedule for these tests and inspections, whether they are to be carried out just once or on a recurring schedule.

If violations are found, the city of Detroit has officially given the power to enforce all of the regulations to the Heath Department itself. Business owners must know what steps that the department can legally take if they do not follow the established laws.

Source: Municode, "ARTICLE I. IN GENERAL" Jul. 29, 2014

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