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DISH replaces FOX channels amid contract dispute

There is no easy way to resolve a contract dispute in Michigan; often, this is because the reason for the contract dispute in the first place is that neither side is willing to "give in" the other side. A dispute of this type frequently has to do with parties not adhering to the terms of their business contracts, whatever those terms might be. Whether it is the type of service provided or the price of such services, if those in a contractual relationship cannot come to an agreement on certain elements in the contract, then a dispute may occur.

Avoid claims of employee harassment with legal help

Operating a business in Michigan is challenging on many levels. Aside from the multitude of corporate responsibilities the entity must maintain in order to be compliant, it must also abide by the state and federal laws that protect and serve American workers. Even the most careful and socially cognizant employer can make mistakes with regard to managing employees and those mistakes can manifest into detrimental claims of employment harassment.

Particulars of contracts and how they work

Most Michigan residents have been involved in a contract-type situation at some point in their lives. Whether it was a contractual relationship where they were receiving services or providing services, contracts are a part of everyday life. In order to be in a contract and for that contract to be valid, contract law dictates that certain criteria must be followed. For instance, minors cannot enter into a contract, which is why some people need a co-signer for student loans because of their age. Moreover, if a minor does sign a contract, that contract becomes voidable, meaning that one party can cancel the contract because of the status of the other party. Coercion, mistake and lack of capacity are also things that make a contract voidable.

Starting a Michigan business on the right foot

Many residents of Michigan exemplify the state's entrepreneurial spirit and aim to start their own businesses. When it comes to doing so, it is important to start out on the right foot. After all, there are many legal requirements when it comes to forming a business.

Walmart protesters making noise about employee working conditions

The employer-employee relationship is an interesting one, especially when the relationship is not going well. Depending on where the employee works and the kinds of protections available to the employee, the employee may have a lot of say in their work life. For instance, where employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement, thus making them a part of a labor union, the employee is protected from a number of things that unrepresented employees may be vulnerable to. Wages and employee benefits are just a couple of the things that a union contract will cover to ensure that employees are treated fairly.

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