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DISH replaces FOX channels amid contract dispute

There is no easy way to resolve a contract dispute in Michigan; often, this is because the reason for the contract dispute in the first place is that neither side is willing to "give in" the other side. A dispute of this type frequently has to do with parties not adhering to the terms of their business contracts, whatever those terms might be. Whether it is the type of service provided or the price of such services, if those in a contractual relationship cannot come to an agreement on certain elements in the contract, then a dispute may occur.

DISH Network, a cable network provider, and Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network have reached an impasse with respect to their ongoing contractual relationship. The relationship between DISH and these portions of the Fox Network may be in jeopardy because neither side can agree on contract terms concerning distribution. According to a senior vice president at DISH, Fox wanted to triple the rates that DISH would pay to broadcast certain channels. As a result of the dispute, two Fox channels have become unavailable for DISH subscribers.

While contract disputes can be disruptive, they can also have a silver lining. Parties can reach an agreement and agree to new and potentially better contract terms. However, this would require the parties to the contract to have a viable offer and acceptance for the new terms. If this is done properly according to the law, court involvement may not be necessary. Still, for other situations, it may be necessary for parties to proceed in court.

It's important to know that contract law governs contract disputes. While contract law can be highly complex, the parties involved can resolve disputes with the right legal resources.

Source: Birmingham Business Journal, "Fox News dropped by Dish Network following contract disputes," Ryan Phillips, December 22, 2014

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