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What contract law factors bring a contract into existence?

Contractual disputes can come in many different shapes and forms because contractual relationships can be made between just about anyone, with some exceptions, of course. There are many rules and regulations governing contract law and these rules differ depending on the type of contract that is being considered. For instance, vendor contracts, real estate contracts and employment contracts will most likely all have contrasting contractual terms. However, the essence of the contractual relationship is basically the same. Certain requirements must be present for a valid contract to exist.

For there to be a contract between two parties, there has to be a situation where the parties to the contractual relationship intend to be in that relationship. This usually occurs when there is offer and acceptance. These legal terms generally mean that a service or something similar has been offered to one party and the other party has accepted that offer. Along with this offer and acceptance there needs to be consideration and mutual assent. Consideration is equated to money or some benefit that will be gained by the contract and mutual assent is defined as a meeting of the minds between/among the parties to the contract.

All contracts tend to feature the elements listed above. Employment contracts work in the same way. So when there is a question as to whether a business or employment contract is legal and enforceable, then this question often has to be addressed by the courts. For those going through such disputes, seeking the assistance of an attorney with experience in the details of contract law can help ease worry and hopefully lead to a positive outcome.

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