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Businesses resolve local trademark, unfair competition dispute

Michigan businesses put a lot of energy into distinguishing themselves from their competitors. Whether it is creating a better product, providing better service or putting resources to use in a strategic manner, businesses know they must set themselves apart from competitors in order to turn a profit. From time to time, disputes arise between companies when these competitive advantages appear to be taken or used by competitors.

What do employers have to pay when employees are terminated?

The relationship between Michigan employers and their employees is often positive and long-lasting. However, when disputes arise it can turn a once-friendly relationship very ugly in a very short period of time. The termination of the employee may be just the beginning in this dispute, as allegations might be lodged by either side against the other of wrongdoing before or after the employee was terminated.

Breach of contract claim filed against famed commercial actor

Disputes can arise between business partners and other parties. Legal disputes frequently originate after business relationships sour or projects fall apart. This is not always how it works, however, as disputes can arise even when things are going well.

Understanding the steps to starting a business

Starting a business may be a lifelong dream for many or an exciting opportunity for others. Regardless of what has brought the new entrepreneur to the point of starting a new business, it is important that they understand the basic steps involved in the process of starting a new business. Both financial and legal considerations will have to be carefully evaluated and decided upon during the process of starting a new business.

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